About Mr.Hammers

Concrete Time

Stefan Chui Img
Mr.Hammers is founded in Hong Kong by Stefan Chui, 
who makes use of a unique yet humble material, 
concrete, to bring industrial designs into home 
decorations and to turn the cold into the warmth. 
Using concrete for Art work production is not an 
easy process. 

The unexpected outcome of the surfacing of the 
concrete makes it a unique and special art work.
We advocate "No Finishing is a Finishing" and would 
like to popularise this concept.

You may contact us for any questions, 
wholesale inquiries or precious comments by 
the following means:
WhatsApp: 852 61132232 Stefan Chui
Email :info@mr-hammers.com
Website :http://www.mr-hammers.com/
Instagram :http://instagram.com/mr.hammers
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/mr.hammerschui